PerfectDisk 14.0

Comprehensive defragger that prevents your system from defragmentation

While many defragmentation tools simply analyze your drives and put every bit in its right place, PerfectDisk works in the background to prevent your disks from unnecessary fragmentation. Its StealthPatrol routines – OptiWrite and Auto-Optimization – stops fragmentation before it occurs and consolidates all the free space recovered without delaying your system’s performance.

PerfectDisk performs fast and deep scans of any of your drives, regardless of their file system (NTFS or FAT), the device type (internal hard disks, external hard drives, Flash drives, USB drives, etc.) and their size. The program will give you the fragmentation percentage for both your files and the free space, and will then show you a convenient drive map where you can spot the used and free space, the MFT Zone, and the excluded clusters at a glance. The program can defrag selected files or entire drives, a useful feature to keep specific files (your movies and games, for instance) running seamlessly.

Being an important part of our hard drive maintenance, it is important to defrag our drives regularly. To this end, PerfectDisk comes with a complete scheduler that allows you to set the most convenient times for full-disk defragmentation tasks. However, PerfectDisk’s StealthPatrol feature makes all these long and tedious maintenance tasks unnecessary. The best way of getting rid of fragmentation errors is by not allowing them to happen. OptiWrite technology detects when your Windows system is about to fragment some of your files and prevents this from happening. Likewise, its Auto-Optimization routines will run in the background to optimize your system when idle or at whatever time you decide better for you.

Finally, and to minimize defragmentation, PerfectDisk optimizes all the files on your system, especially the most sensitive ones, such as the Master File Table, NTFS metadata files, paging files, directories, etc.

Thus, PerfectDisk is an integral solution not only to defragment your valuable hard drives, but – what is more – to prevent fragmentation from happening in an efficient and discreet way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast and efficient scans of all types of drives
  • Supports both NTFS and FAT files systems
  • Defrags all kinds of hard drives, Flash drives, and USB storage devices
  • Prevents your system from unnecessary defragmentation in real time
  • Well designed and well structured interface


  • None
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